Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bouchra Ijork sur l'atelier Marrakech/Tribeca

What a great project-- It has been an interesting
exchange personal and professional. I think that the
value of this is not just to become a better director
but more importantly to become a better listener. Its
not only about what I want but about other people and
what they want. It is special to be shooting with
Chris because when we approach a place that I know,
Marrakech in general, I see it with a new perspective.
I am happy because I have been able to help out some
of the other NY students, having them shoot my eyes,
my voice, and putting Chris in touch with a friend of
mine who drives a motorcycle. The class is a great
adventure, working with the professors, and I am very
excited to meet Kiarostami.

Bouchra Ijork


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