Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tuesday May 2nd: All are stars/Marrakech Calling

At the Filmmaker Brunch the group met the other co-founder of the festival, Mr. Robert Deniro. He blends in well with the fellow filmmakers, no?

At night the students had their "Marrakech Calling" screening at Hunter College. This program made up of only the student films the students accomplished during or directly inspired by the first phase of the project. These were films responding to the cell phone assignment from Abbas Kiarostami, to the Narrative Non-Fiction assignment by Kathering Hurbis-Cherrier, or something in between using a little from everyone.

David and Layla introduce the program. We also have words from Sydney Meeks, Jay Roman, Chair of the Film Studies Department, and Andrea Zucker. Sydney presented Madelyn Wils with flowers for being a real force behind this program and Mick with a final cut for helping to organize the evening, which was a great success.

Afterwards, the students sat on the stage for an informal Question and Answer session with the audience.


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