Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Once Upon a Time in Marrakech: The Movie

In the autumn of 2005, 16 film students from NYC and Morocco converged on Marrakech as guests of the Tribeca Film Institute, Tribeca Film Festival, and the Marrakech International Film Festival Foundation to study under Abbas Kiarostami (joined at one point by Martin Scorsese). This document, by the master's longtime director of photography, will screen with a new Kiarostami short, Roads of Kiarostami, and some of the students' works. (total running time 110 min.)

10 on Marrakech
Directors: Mohamed Achaour and George Racz
An homage to Abbas Kiarostami's Ten.
Modern Times
Director: Layla Triqui
A cell phone leads to a compulsive reflex.
Weak Signal
Director: Chris Dapkins
Ali loves Alya. But when his phone rings and it is really Alya, what will Ali do?
The Cell Phone
Director: Nour-Eddine Tilsaghani
A man discovers the cell phone and it changes his life.But when he needs it most, it can't help him.
Everything in Between
Director: Alana Kakoyiannis
A video that challenges the way we capture, collect,process, and select images.
Directors: George Racz, Abbas Kiarostami
A meditative moment, interrupted


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